Wood fired fish and seafood in Tulum

Aug 31, 2020

Wood fired fish and seafood in Tulum

Tulum is a beautiful destination located on the Caribbean coast of the Yucatan peninsula, a place where you can find some of the best seafood and fish. Fire wood cooking has gained popularity, but, do you know why? Or if it has any benefit?

Truth is, cooking using firewood has more benefits than we knew; besides is one of the oldest cooking techniques.
Wood ovens were used more than 2000 years ago in Classic Greece; this civilization was responsible for the evolutionary leap in the design of such ovens.
Greeks had the idea to adapt the tandoor oven used several centuries before in the east, which was similar to a large vessel; but that wasn’t practical for Mediterranean cuisine. For this reason they added a door and the possibility to cook the food from a higher point and be able to introduce heavier food items comfortably.

As mentioned before, cooking on firewood has many advantages; one is that it enhances the flavours and allows to get the best from fish, seafood, meats and vegetables.

Firewood has a great influence on the taste of food, it gives them a full, deep touch, besides; when you cook using firewood, the burning Wood generates aromas like vanilla, allspice and clove thus infusing the food. Additionally, the high temperatures used in this technique transforms the components of wood bringing juiciness and sweetness to meats.

One more benefit is that, according to food chemistry expert Harold McGee, the smoke from firewood, diminishes the growth of bacteria and promotes a “disinfectant” effect, making wood fire cooked fish and seafood safer and of course delicious.

Something very important to consider when it comes to wood fire is that the taste infused to the food depends on the wood used. Oak Wood is the most used and it inflicts a highly aromatic sweet taste, mesquite is ideal for strong taste meat such as deer, rabbit and lamb, bringing an extra smoked taste, Apple Wood brings a mild, fruit-like flavour to the product, good for chicken or mild meats.

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