Prosecco, the main figure in every celebration

Aug 31, 2020

Prosecco, the main figure in every celebration

Ideal for a necessary break in our activities, to join our evenings and above all, as the lead character of our toasts; Prosecco wine is more than a “spumante”.

Originating from North Italy, specifically from Veneto and Friuli, a highly aromatic variety of grape by the name of “Glera” is grown. The base for renowned prosecco is prepared with this grape.

To give sparkling wine its main characteristic, it goes through a second fermentation process that consists of pressure sealing the base wine, sugar and yeast. This method is called “Charmat”.

The sweetness level in Prosecco is measured and classifies it in three categories:

● Brut with up to15 g
● Extra Dry from 15 a 20 g
● Dry with 20 to 30 g

Compared with other sparkling wines such as Champagne or Cava, its alcoholic level is low, between 11 and 12 % vol. Prosecco is ideal to pair any menu item, from appetisers to desserts. For a multisensory experience, enjoy the best of Mediterranean food with your favourite dish from our menu and a glass of this bubbly.

Prosecco Is protected by Designation of origin, so this name can only be used by producers from the Conegliano and Valdobbiadene regions, ensuring its legitimacy-

Thanks to its maturation process and its taste characteristics, Prosecco is an excellent sparkling wine. What’s best than celebrate life at the beach? Relax in Taboo Beach Club and share the joy of a toast with a glass of this superb wine with friends.

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