Have you tried our Greek weakness? Tzatziki

Aug 31, 2020

Have you tried our Greek weakness? Tzatziki

Tzatziki” is one of the dishes shared by Turkish and Greek cuisines, its Greek name comes from the Turkish word “cacik”.

Its main ingredient is strained Greek yoghurt; this yoghurt is known as “sack yogurt” in Greece. It is a fresh traditional sauce with creamy texture and intense flavour from aromatic herbs like Dill.

It is a dipping sauce with many benefits such as:

**Intenstine healing.



**Prevents liquid retention.

**Rich in protein and probiotics

Yoghurt was part of a staple diet of nomad groups due to its easy transportation and conservation; it was used for its health benefits which bring nourishment during hot weather.

At Taboo Mediterranean restaurant & Beach Club you can try this and other historic Mediterranean dishes prepared with fresh ingredients, flown in from their source to your table and taking you to that history rich corner in Greece.

Our special take on Tzatziki is served with artisan pita bread, baked in our brick oven and finished by Wood fire.

What are you waiting for to delight your palate with us?

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