All the sudden everyone drinks White wine

Aug 31, 2020

All the sudden everyone drinks White wine

The outdoor restaurants and beach clubs around the Word start to shine with the sun over the yellow tones and the Golden reflection of the glasses of cold white wine.

But, why choose White wine as the drink for Summer?

For starters, White wine must be served chilled, since low temperatures awaken the depth of its flavours. The predominant notes of White wine are often citrus, keeping a balance with some acidity that brings a feeling of freshness and fullness. In a few word, white wine is refreshing.

Besides, scientific studies, prove that it has may health benefits. It is full of antioxidants, it acts as a heart protector, reduces risk the of cancer, helps reducing bad cholesterol and it is less likely to cause an after effect the morning after.

Among the assortment of White wines, dry wine is the most consumed in the world, but diversity is vast and it helps achieve extraordinary pairings, besides the usual association with fish and seafood. ¿Have you tried pairing your salads with White wine? Or a magnificent Spanish paella? White wine goes perfectly with white meat but also Asian food like sushi, pasta and certain cheeses. Not only that but each type of grape will offer different and amazing sensations.

Mediterranean flavours from our menu make a perfect couple with the crispness of the carefully selected white wines to be part of Taboo’s wine collection, which go from traditional sized ones to the Magnum, which 5 o.

An elegant ice bucket, cooling a bottle with Golden liquid and glasses full of fresh aromas and flavours will be the finishing touch for your table, whether you enjoy it in front of the sea in our beach club or during dinner to celebrate an unforgettable summer night at Taboo Tulum.

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